The Challenges

Engineer a fast, efficient and stable car to perform on road, oval and drag courses. The base technology is a 1:10 scale, electric radio-controlled car that has over 4 million setup options … before re-designing a single part!
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Make a big impact in your community or an activity by transitioning from traditional to renewable sources or improving energy efficiency.
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Teach a robot to navigate and map a maze. The base technology is an Arduino-driven, 4-wheel or tread driven rover. In 2015, teach the rover to teach an unmanned aerial vehicle to navigate a course.
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Everyone has the capacity to contribute to or lead the process of innovation. Combine the engineering process, enterprise process, content and skills to do something no one else is doing.
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  • Opening ceremony #Ten80NSBE. Teams ready to showcase their months of preparation. #ReimagineNSBE

    2 days ago
  • Almost time for #Ten80NSBE. Congrats Ten80 Student Racing Challenge points winners from each region. #ReimagineNSBE

    4 days ago
  • Peek behind the curtain at rehearsal with PCI teams for the #Ten80NSBE showcase coming up soon #ReimagineNSBE

    4 days ago